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Organization and Function

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The Organization of  Taipei Branch  Administrative Enforcement Agency includes the Director, Enforcement Unit and Assistance Unit. The Enforcement Unit  includes Chief Enforcement officer、Enforcement officer、Enforcement Clerk and Enforcement Personnel。 Assistance Unit includes Secretarial Affairs Office, Personnel c, Accounting Office, Statistics Office and Civil Service Ethics Office.

Organization Chart


Organization and Functions

 Group or Office


Execution units



  1. The monetary obligations of public law compulsory execution, coordination and contacts
  2. The monetary obligations of public law enforcement supervision and audit events
  3. The monetary obligations of public law enforcement event declaration objection considered and process
  4. The monetary obligations of public law enforcement incident and Arrested and taken into custody the application and enforcement
  5. Other monetary obligations of public law compulsory execution official business

Secretarial Affairs Office

  1. Research and evaluation, clerical, file, credential cashier, general affairs, property management
  2. Parliament, local liaison, media and public relations business
  3. Official work not included in other division or unit

Personnel Office

  1. Proposing appointment, dismissal, transfer of staff
  2. Screening, pushing and relaying public service cases
  3. Proposing the ranks and salary standards
  4. Evaluating leaves and performance
  5. Deliberating reward and punishment cases
  6. Conducting training and handling advanced study and inspection tours for staff members
  7. Proposing and relaying the records of performance
  8. Reviewing and relaying cases of pension, paid severance, and aid to bereaved families
  9. Conducting mutual help, fringe benefit, and recreational activities
  10. Registering and keeping various personnel materials
  11. Issuing personnel certificates
  12. Handling the affairs of public servant health insurance
  13. Doing other personnel businesses



  1. Compiling annual revenue and expenditure budgets and the final statement and making financial reports
  2. Fine-tuning (revising) the annual revenue and expenditure budgets
  3. Maintaining the flow of budget and petitioning for the reservation of unused budget
  4. Controlling and executing the budget, screening the bills, doing bookkeeping, making accounting reports, taking  custody of receipts  and bills, and submitting them to higher office for screening and approval
  5. Screening and handling the provisional and entrusted payment and collection of money
  6. Overseeing the procurement cases according to the Government Procurement Act
  7. Screening and handling cash, securities, and treasury deposits
  8. Handling personnel matters of accountants
  9. Doing other accounting affairs

Statistics Office

  1. Collecting, sorting out, compiling, and analyzing statistic materials
  2. Compiling and managing statistic reports
  3. Establishing and managing a statistics database
  4. Handling other statistic matters


Ethics Office

  1. Planning, executing and reviewing government ethic affairs
  2. Publicizing government ethics laws and regulations
  3. Preventing, uncovering, and handling irregularities and malfeasance of staff
  4. Proposing innovation on government ethics administration
  5. Proposing ethics reward and punishment of this administrative execution office
  6. Safeguarding public service secrets of the office
  7. Preventing dangers and sabotages and helping the disposal of petitions
  8. Handling other affairs related to government ethics
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