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01 Taipei Branch Assists in Seizing Criminal Proceeds: Successful Auction of 4 Designer Bags and 1 Antique Trunk in the im.B Case 2023-07-18
02 Over a Thousand Exquisite Jewelry Pieces for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts 2023-07-17
03 Press release. Administrative Enforcement Agency, Taipei Branch, Ministry of Justice 2023-04-14
04 Collect land value increment tax that was previously refunded for repurchase, Taipei Branch implemented the temporary lien procedure before custody, the taxpayer paid NT$220,000 promptly with an installment plan for the balance amount 2022-12-02
05 Taipei Branch ensures the rights and interests of Niusnews’ workers through law enforcement 2022-09-01
06 The National Taxation Bureau accepts the Xindian land of the second wife of the Zhong Tai Hotel founder to offset the estate tax of $220 million 2022-07-26
07 Chinese Spouse Property Flipping Conducting Fraudulent Transfer Cannot Escape Custody 2022-05-25
08 Taken into Custody! Laundry Industry Mogul Quickly Offers to Pay Back Taxes in Installments 2022-04-21
09 Taipei Branch together with the Da'an Branch of Taipei Police Bureau, the referral authority, force to enforce the fine of illegal street vendors. 2020-01-13
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