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White Paper on Service to the People

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  • Last updated:2022-12-08
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White Paper of Service for People


This Institute was set up on January 1,2001. According to the Administrative Enforcement laws,the Compulsory Execution laws and other related regulations, this Institute deals with Administration Law Enforcement cases related to obligations of completing payments in public laws. To face and realize the monetary claims of the national public laws with people’s rights maintained at the same time is the important issue for this institute in the future.


A.  What can we do for you:

In the past, we followed the standards of “Honesty, Effectiveness, and Friendliness”. Also,we learned from the entrepreneurship and built up a new culture of braveness to do things in the office. While carrying out the power of public authority, we still focus on our clients and provide a quick and convenient service. Therefore, people who come to our office all understand what the government is doing for them, which carries out the equality of Administrative Law Enforcement.


B.  We do our best to serve you:

The major work of this Institute is using the proper power of public authority to carry out and force to execute that obligor fulfill their obligation to pay money in public laws as well as protect people’s rights.


1.Our service includes:

Introduce operating concepts such as ”Entrepreneurship” and ”Customer Focus”.

Build up a series of mechanisms for administration execution, including developing information networks.

Reinforce case-processing and managing functions and improve service quality.

Integrate the resources and business of authorities which transfer cases.



Decorate and grow plants in the office to crate a comfortable service environment.

Provide barrier_free space for disabled people and waiting area.


3.Service Measures

(1)  Combine the authorities which transfer cases and set up a service center_a single window which provides inquiry service, hears complaint and assists obligor to pay their fees.

(2)  Computerize all the services and use computer networks to search information quickly.

(3)  Provide facilities such as reading glasses, wheel chairs, telephones, magazines, and fountain machines, etc.

(4)  Build up a Bublletin board for people to reinforce policy campaigns.

(5)  Build up a website from which people can download application forms to improve service effectiveness.

(6)  Set up an opinion mailbox to gather people’s suggestions to improve the service.

(7)  Hold discussion meetings between people and governors to build up a communication bridge with people.


4.Our Service Attitudes:

(1)  Test staff’s telephone manners and assess their service quality.

(2)  To make the staff know the concept of service is public opinion-oriented.

(3)  To serve people with an active, enthusiastic and friendly attitude.


C.  Provide Face-to-face Services:

1. To assist people to understand administration procedures.

2. To teach people how to check in.

3. To teach people how to pay fees.

4. To assist people to write petition.

5. To provide charity service.


D.  Our Promises:

1. Care: Every case, big or small, will be treated equally and carefully. We stand for our litigants and do our best to resolve their problems.

2. Profession: Our staff is strictly required to study and be familiar with related system and regulations, so that they can answer clients’ questions right away, providing clients correct and satisfying answers in a short time.

3. Responsibility: In addition to being equipped with professional knowledge, our staff is also enthusiatstic with and responsible for any cases.

4. Communication: Dealing with cases with a sincere and friendly attitude.  We strictly obey the laws.  We do our best to help achieve clients’ legal requests. As for illegal requests, we will explain to our clients and ask for their understanding.

5. Empathy: Be considerate and be patient to answer people’s inquiries, listen to their words and feelings.  If they misunderstand any regulations, explain to them clearly with a good manner.


E.  Our Services Ways:

1. Strengthen the communication, integration, source_sharing with the authorities which transfer cases and to avoid affecting people’s benefits.

2. Strengthen the Research Design and innovation of service quality.

3. Educate the staff the correct concept of service, and to lead all staff together to serve our people.

4. Provide a quick and convenient service procedure, to actively help people and deal with the case quickly.

5. Respect people’s opinion and to deal with their complaints and petition quickly.

6. Invite volunteers to help people with their inquiries.


F.   Conclusion:

To serve the pople is a sustaining job, and it increases as people’s requests for the government increase.  This Institute are willing to learn wholeheartedly and serve with hard_working and innovative spirits. Should you have any opinions and suggestions, please feel free to contact us.




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