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What types of cases can be paid in convenience stores, and what matters shall be paid attention to when making the payment?

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  • Last updated:2022-12-08
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You can make payment at any of the convenience stores including 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK using the payment notice with three-segment payment barcode printed by the Branch within the payment period. After completing the payment, please send the payment notice or transaction details affixed with the receipt stamp to the Branch via fax or e-mail for write-off.

When returning the notice of transaction by e-mail (tpyc@mail.moj.gov.tw), please fill in the following information therein:

  1. The name of the obligor, 2. The National ID number of the obligor or the National Tax number of the Company, 3. The name of section, 4. The case number, 5. The telephone number, 6. The attachments - for example, the payment notice with the affixed with receipt stamp, receipts or other relevant supporting materials (photographs). The file size of the attachments shall not exceed 10MB.

Note: Please keep the supporting documents of payment for at least 5 years for further inquiry and to ensure your rights and interests.

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