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How does one determine if an enforcement notice is indeed from the administrative enforcement authority?

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  • Last updated:2022-09-05
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(I). The letterhead of the enforcement notice sent by each administrative enforcement branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice will state "Administrative Enforcement Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice" with a red official institution seal stamped on the top. (II) Below the letterhead is the transferring case number; on the upper half of the form is the execution case number and cause of action, while on the bottom-right is the administrative enforcement officer's name. On the left is the name and seal of the enforcement clerk with his/her contact information stated in the middle where it says "Reporting location" with address, telephone and fax numbers. (III) The enforcement amount will be stated clearly in the middle of the form under the title "Payment Due". Under "Transferring Agency" is the name, address and telephone number of the transferring agency and case management code that allows the notified party to enquire with the transferring agency regarding enforcement case details (such as whether the amount stated is a payment of business tax or traffic fine). (IV) Finally, all parties receiving enforcement notices can, in any doubt of notice legitimacy, confirm whether the number of the operator of the respective branch is correct on the Agency's website and call such a branch to determine whether there is indeed a case in progress. If a notice is confirmed fraudulent, please notify the Agency immediately through the report hotline or fax number provided by the Agency and its branches.
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